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Fairy Tale! :) 

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. This boy lived in a creepy, magical forest, full of mystical creatures and surprises.  He was left there as a baby, by family he never knew and raised by the creatures of the wood. He never knew the outside world, and the creatures warned him of straying outside the trees. 


One day, as the boy was staring up through the treetops to catch a glimpse of the faraway sky, a bright red kite flitted over the forest. At first the boy wasn’t sure if he had seen anything at all, thinking he had imagined such a strange thing. But THEN, the bright red kite reappeared in the sky. The boy leapt to his feet and followed it through the twisty turns of the forest. He lost sight of it a few times, but each time he thought he had lost it, it came back into view and lead him farther and farther from the center of the woods.  At last, he had run so far and for so long that he wasn’t sure where he was. The kite was still in the sky, but he could see sunlight glinting between the trees. He was at the edge of the forest! That frightened him, for he had been told his whole life, that outside the trees there was nothing but fear and danger.  And yet, the kite flew just out of reach. He was curious. Too curious. So curious that he stepped carefully right to the edge of the trees. 

He had never strayed outside the forest before, and the sunlight was brighter than anything he’d ever seen.  In front of him stretched a huge flat grassy meadow, with no trees to speak of. The horizon seemed to stretch on forever, and right in the center of the sky, flew the kite. Just as his eyes landed on it, it seemed to fall. It crashed down onto a hill of white flowers, and sat there as if it was waiting for him. 


He hesitated, knowing that all his creature parents had warned him of such places, but in the end the curiosity was too great. He ran from the trees and into the sunlight. With soft grass beneath his feet and sun in his eyes, he darted to the kite, and saw it was much much bigger than he had ever imagined. In fact, it was big enough for him to stand on. He did so, investigating, for he had never seen such a thing as this.  


The boy turned back to look at his familiar home, and at first he was shocked to see how far the trees stretched and how massive the forest was from afar, but then he caught a strange little movement in the corner of his eye. The grass seemed to be moving. The flowers, shifting around as if a great wind was blowing. There was a breeze, but nothing that would send the flowers crawling towards him! How strange! The boy panicked, backing away from the meadow of flowers he had so quickly run through. They chased after him, running on their stems and petals, reaching out with their stringy roots like terrifying fingers.  The boy jumped from the grass onto the kite, hoping to remove his feet from their grasp. 


All of a sudden the kite seemed to jump! The boy crouched down just in time to hold on. The kite flew into the air and the ground seemed to disappear beneath him. From this high up he could see the clouds, birds, and the seemingly endless meadow. It surged like an ocean, the flower creatures running and shifting as he flew over them.

He soared over the fields, but after a few moments came to realize that the grass did not seem so green, and the trees did not look so lush. In fact, where once he had seen verdant growth, now there was only withered trunks and dusty soil. The creatures, once beautiful and terrifying, disappeared entirely. 


The kite flew over desert grayness. Until it started to shake. It started to shimmy. It started to fall. 


Then the boy fell. He fell so far and so fast, that he was sure he would punch a hole right through the earth. Luckily, he caught hold of the edges of the kite and managed to float down gently. He landed feet first in a puff of dust, and waited for the creatures to catch him. 


Nothing happened.


He waited some more.


Nothing happened. 


He couldn’t hear birds, he couldn’t hear breeze, he couldn’t see grass, or trees, or anything that was familiar at all.  Sadness gripped him. Tears ran down his face. He had lost his home, a home that may never have existed at all.  Even the kite, his last vestige of his home, turned to dust in his hands and crumbled to the ground. 




Your task: Write the rest of the story. However you see this journey continuing, and concluding. 




Stay within the theme and style of a fairy tale.

Keep the characters we’ve established.

Add characters if you want. 

Think of other fairy tales you’ve read and steal their good ideas! 


No cliff hangers

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