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Harmony Project

Study harmony using musical intuition and your own voice 

The assignment at hand is simple. Make something that sounds good to you. There are varying levels of difficulty, but the assignment remains the same. Use your voice, your ears, and your musicianship to create something tuneful and lovely.

You and I will decide when to move from one stage to another.

You may decide which melody you'd like to use.

Level one

One parallel harmony.

Tune your voice to mine.

Level two

Record both the melody as well, tune to your own voice

Level Three

Add a third part. Choose between homophonic and polyphonic texture

Level Four

Add a bassline. You may use an electronic instrument, a real instrument, or your voice.

Level Five

Record all parts again, this time with lyrics. It will be harder than you think. That is fine.

Level six

Using Musescore or similar notation software, notate the harmonies you've created so far and create a chordal analysis of your work.

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