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How To Film Your Audition

  1.  Set up a quiet space for yourself. You should have plenty of room to move around with nothing to trip over.

  2. Set up your camera, phone, ipad, laptop or other device so that your whole body is visible. Ask a friend or parent to hold it for you if they're able.

  3. When you film, don't forget to slate for the camera. This means introducing yourself. For your musical audition please say your name, the name of your song, the show it is from, and begin your song. For your acting audition, please say your name, the name of the monologue, and the name of the author.

Musical Audition

  1. After you introduce yourself, start the music a few seconds before you plan to begin singing, then enter confidently.  You should be singing with an instrumental track. Please do not sing along with another voice. We want to hear you!

  2. Your audition cut should be 32 bars, not the entire song. If you aren't sure what that means, read through this audition assistance page or email us with any questions. 

  3. When you are finished singing, stop the recording.

Acting Audition

  1. After you introduce yourself, you may begin your material. It should be memorized, confident, and performed in one single take with no interruptions or cuts.

  2. Make sure we can hear you, you should be speaking loudly and clearly.

  3. When you are finished, stop the recording.

Submitting your film

After you've finished filming, please email both videos to if the files are too large you may need to upload them to a hosting site such as dropbox, googledrive, or send them as a different type of file. Let us know if you need assistance 

We will let you know about casting shortly, thank you so much for auditioning!

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