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How To Listen To Music Like A Musician

First things first! 

There is no wrong way to listen to music. You've been listening to music your whole life and there's really no way to do it WRONG.


There is a way to do it BETTER.

It's pretty simple, all you need to do is pay attention. Music tells us stories in a lot of different ways, and one of my favorite ways is something called 


Like "Prose" and "Melody" combined.

This is the word we use when the music DOES what the words SAY.

Another term for this is "word painting"

Here is an example:

For Forever - Dear Even HansonArtist Name

What is he singing about?



Seeing the sky


Hitting the ground

What does the music do?

It got faster as he ran

It got higher as he climbed

it grew bigger as he saw the sky

then it broke, and fell downward as he did, to finally slow to a stop as if landing on the ground.

Can you hear the word painting In these examples?

What are some of your favorite artists? Lets listen together and see if we can hear some word panting.


Pick a popular artist and listen to FIVE of their songs. See if you can pick out any word painting. Listen carefully! Write down what you find and submit it to me!

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