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From August 12th 

Discussed how CONTENT dictates FORM, and the different forms a musical could take.

Here is the list we discussed

Also discussed THEATRICAL LANGUAGE and how each show

uses a specific language to communicate their personality, story, and characters

We watched examples of shows from this list:

and tried to determine the primary theatrical language of each production

Notes from July 29nd

--- not meeting camp week -- 

Discussed the 12 stages of the "monomyth" and the three act structure, and began applying them to our treatment stories. 


Your job for next time we meet is to fill in the blanks and continued developing your pieces according to these parameters

Here is the 12 stage template

Here are my notes from the class

Notes from July 22nd

Made lists of elements in your most beloved stories

Discussed goals of class

Decided on group chat as form of communication 

Decided on Wednesdays at 1pm for a weekly meeting time

Gave assignment below:

Using your lists from class, create a treatment for a fairy tale of your choice. You and your partner should discuss and work together to use elements from both of your lists.  It should include a character breakdown, a beat by beat plot, and a general summary. Be silly. Be exaggerated.  My suggestion is to collaborate via google drive. 

Submit here

For a list of character questions.


You do not need to answer all of these, but skim through and find the ones that seem relevant. As you learn more about your characters, always be asking: How does this impact their behavior/motivations within the story I'm telling?

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