WElcome to the waiting room

Hello all! 

It is September first, that means this process is officially over. We'd like to thank you for your presence and participation. It has meant a lot to us to return to this material and with your help we have developed and improved on our original script.

That said.

Unfortunately the video component of this project cannot move forward due to lack of footage.

Thank you to those cast members who contributed their material. You acted as professionals and you should be proud of the work you made. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

Emily and Seana 


Upload your music into the appropriate folders


Upload your video into the appropriate folders


Label your files with your character name and chapter number.  

Example: Eddie Chapter Two

Please upload multiple takes if possible.

Any extra footage is helpful. 

Remember to sing along to your own recording when you film your song

Click here for the "Cast version"

of the song.

You will sing along with this when you film your scene

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