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The Three Genre Challenge

Your task today has three steps. You will need your phone or computer, and somewhere to take notes. 

Your Assignment: 

Find three songs in three different genres that represent something you love about music. You will be answering different questions as you go through the assignment. You will include those answers in your final submission.

Step one

Your three genres are: 

Musical Theatre

Piano Concertos 

Popular Music

Search on youtube or google "best piano concerto" or "famous musical theatre" to get started on your listening. Your task is to find at least one piece per genre.

Step two

Define each genre, look up and define any word you do not know

Include the title,composer, and a link to the piece you found. Answer these questions for each piece:

  1. How many pieces did you listen to before you chose this one?

  2. What is special about this piece?

  3. Is there anything about this piece that you've never heard before?

  4. What do you know about the composer/performer?

  5. What can you tell me about their voice/instrument?

  6. What is the history of this genre?

  7. What do you like about it? Would you listen again?

  8. Ask three questions about this piece or the composer

Step three

Submit your work on Google Classroom

Do one genre a week, submit before your lesson time, be ready to discuss what you've found

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