Writing From Experience

We all have interesting things happen to us, we tell stories to our friends and our families all the time. Your task today is to think of something interesting that's happened to you and tell that story as a monologue.

  • Your piece should have a beginning, middle and end.

  • Your piece should be 60 seconds

  • Perform for your classmates!

Whatever your story, make it exciting. Even if you are telling us what you ate for breakfast, tell this story like it was a rollercoaster adventure. Use your voice to add expression and excitement! We will only hear you, not see you, so it's up to you to sound excited. 


Add little details only you would know!

Your assignment in the coming week is simple! Record yourself performing this story with all the emotion and excitement you can muster! See if you can add different types of expression in your voice and on your face. 

When you've got it the way you want it, submit it here!